AMEN My goal for this summer as a whole has been to focus on personal growth in a variety of areas. That goal manifests in three main areas that can be described simply: physical, mental and spiritual fitness. I’ve been working on getting to the gym as often as I can and eating better. I’m... Continue Reading →


Weekly Banger

Time to learn some spanish and dance our hearts away with this one!

Have you ever wondered how some students got jobs straight after uni so quickly? Wondered how some got jobs with ought completely study? Wondered why some went back to study. Well I did the research and I found getting a job now a days out of university is harder than ever. Those who got jobs... Continue Reading →

Who's excited for the 2018 soccer world cup? Who will win the group stages and who will take out the ultimate prize?

Personal trainers

I've said this before imma say it again. I love them but I HATE THEM!!!! So simple so true. I've been seeing a personal trainer for a few weeks now and I although I'm seeming some small results which is good. I end up throwing up, light headed or pass out. What's your thoughts on... Continue Reading →

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